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Mykonos Town or Chora: The Town of Mykonos, called Chora by the locals, is a traditional Cycladic village, built around a bay.

It has whitewashed cubic houses with wooden doors, windows and balconies painted in bright colors, narrow streets forming a labyrinth, beautiful churches, lovely chapels, and purple bougainvilleas contrasting with the bright white of the buildings' walls.
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Cars are not allowed in the heart of the town for most of the day, which makes the walk among the labyrinth streets particularly agreeable, especially during the early morning. The town is calmer than ever at this time since most people are at the beach or sleeping in after a long night clubbing.

The best way to see the town is to walk around on foot. It is simply not practical to enter the main part of town by scooter/car because of the narrowness of the lanes. During evening hours, the main roads into town are blocked off. Numerous cafes, chic boutiques, souvenir shops, and fine jewelry shops are offered in the beautiful capital of Mykonos.

The picturesque Town boasts a fantastic gastronomic scene worth exploring!
For a delicious lunch or dinner, look no further than Mykonos Town! Here, you will find some of the island's top restaurants.
A great number of bars and nightclubs can be found in the capital, proving that the rumor of Mykonos being a party island is not just a rumor, but a fact. As soon as the sun goes down, the capital's narrow streets are filled with a crowd ready to party and dance all night long.